Cashew Tree Food Allergy Help - Nut Free, Information and Product Reviews

Looks harmless, right?

This my friends, is a cashew tree. Grown mostly in Brazil, the cashews we eat are just the little nut on the bottom of what I hear is delicious fruit. However, the fruit is so perishable, it cannot be shipped to the U.S.

We are Jeff and Stacey Harmon. We have three children, Emily – 16, and fraternal twins Brendan and Ethan – 13. Emily and Ethan are allergic to several types of nuts. Cashews, peanuts and others can be deadly if consumed. We have been carrying Epi Pens for more than 10 years and have never had to use one. Thank God, until juts a few weeks ago. We will tell this and other stories in the next few posts.

This site was inspired from this incident and also our decades long quest to find nut free foods. It can be exasperating! This site will include our stories, stories submitted by you, educational information regarding labels and what to look for and links to products and services we have found helpful over the years. We also have a community forum to encourage discussion on a variety of topics.

So here’s to allergy free eating!

Jeff and Stacey