Trader Joes and Sam's Club Nut Free Thai Noodles Hack

Five Minute Thai Red Curry Vegetable Noodles Hack. Thank you Trader Joe's and Sam's Club!

For those of us with nut allergies who love the flavors of Thai food, the challenge of trying to find nut-free options is real. And cooking Thai from scratch is not really very convenient.

A week ago I was in the sauce aisle at Trader Joe’s and saw several nut-free options I was interested in. I was so pleased to see no references to nuts at all in Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry Sauce. So I bought some. You can buy it from other sellers on Amazon, but Trader Joe’s does not sell online.

Last week I needed a quick lunch and saw that my wife had bought the frozen Ajinomoto Vegetable Chow Mein noodles from Sam’s Club. So I wondered if I could put these Asian gems together. The noodles typically are microwaved for three minutes. I decided to cook for two minutes and then stir fry in hot oil for 3 minutes. Then I added about three tablespoons of the Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry Sauce and stirred. The flavor was absolutely incredible! This is so easy and wonderful, that you may not need to order takeout ever again.