Mexican Adobo Sauce May Contain Peanuts

Adobo Sauce Might Have Peanuts!

Have you ever made anything with adobo sauce? My wife makes a great chicken recipe that uses chipotle adobo sauce and brown sugar. The whole family loves it and we have made it for years. She always bought the same brand of adobo sauce, one without peanuts. We did not even realize that adobo sauce could have peanuts in it. For example, La Costenza does not have peanuts, nor is it made in a facility that also processes nuts. However, Dona Maria Adobo Sauce has peanuts in the ingredients. 

One evening, we made the dish as usual, and after just one bite, my daughter and one her brothers started to swell a bit and their throats itched terribly. We could not figure it out. We finally pulled the adobo sauce jar out of the trash and sure enough, it not only had peanuts, but peanuts were the first ingredient! We were shocked. She had accidentally bought a different brand. We did not need the Epipen this time, but ever since then, our son wants to see every label. We have become even more careful than before because of this incident. Still, we did make a worse mistake recently, which I will detail in a later post.

Needless to say, read the labels on mexican adobo or chipotle sauces – they may have peanuts! I guarantee you that all mole sauces do.