Kit Kat Nestle Canada Peanut Free

Want nut safe Kit Kats – Buy Canadian

My daughter keeps talking about Kit Kats made in Canada and how she can actually eat them because they are nut free in every way. Take a look at their nut-free guarantee.

Nestle Kit Kat Peanut Free Promise
KitKat US Hershey Not Peanut Free
Kit Kat U.S. Hershey Is Not Peanut Free

The crazy thing is that Kit Kats in the U.S. are manufactured by Hershey. I never had any idea. And those are not safe for my daughter to eat. See the ingredients on the U.S. made Hershey’s on the left. And below left is the front that we are all so familiar with in the U.S.

A little more about this situation. Kit Kat was invented in 1935 by Rowntree’s of York, which is a company in the U.K. It is owned by Nestle today. In the U.S. Nestle has Hershey manufacture Kit Kats. Kit Kats are manufactured differently all over the world and that explains why there are different tastes and ingredients depending on where the Kit Kat is manufactured. One thing is certain – if you love Kit Kats but cannot be exposed to peanuts or tree nuts, order the Canadian version from Nestle. Click on a link below to order from Amazon.