Observe labels carefully!

As I mentioned in our introductory post, this blog was inspired by a very scary incident in which our daughter ingested the tiniest amount of cashews. This happened with a bite of the Blueberry Muffin Larabar. My wife purchased these at Walmart. We are both very accustomed to seeing labels designed in ways similar to most food products on the market. But take a look at the front and back of the Larabar packaging. They did nothing wrong, but we as consumers must realize that some packaging may look different. The front forces your eyes to “Blueberry Muffin.” The back prominently lists cashews, but we always look at the bottom of the ingredients where it should state – “Allergens – Contains Cashews and Dates. Made on equipment shared with products containing tree nuts, peanuts.”  That is what we are used to. Be careful.

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